Prismal Dreams

Envoke: Episode1

The beginning

Amidst a city, the form of a slim, 5 foot tall woman appears on the sidewalk of a 2 lane road. The woman's body grows into an 8 foot tall woman with large muscles and a ripped phyisque. Her feminine features are present, but not to an exaggerated, sexually distracting degree. She looks over her impressive body and quickly becomes accustomed to her capabilites and senses. While she looks around this new, and unkown environment she hears something a block away.

Reaching the source, she comes upon a large circular structure reminiscent of a modern stadium but smaller in scale. At what looks to be the main entrance stands two large doors with intricate designs that evoke thoughts of pain and glory. Finding the entrance unlocked she pulls one door open with much less effort than she expected. Bringing a curious, yet cautious attitude in with her she sees more designs along the walls and ceiling of the well lit hallway ahead of her. Past the hallway she arrives in what looks to be the main lobby. The room has a very gothic, yet ancient Greek aesthetic with small high tech devices carefully hidden among the elaborate furniture. Emotional shouts, screams, and many destructive sounds can be heard coming from a grated door at the far end of the lobby. Being intrigued by the sounds of combat she calls out " anyone there?" and walks up to the door. After a few seconds of perceptivity no alerted or caring presence is found.

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